Private Pool Certifier




Private Pool Certifier

We are a NSW accredited Private Pool Certifier of swimming pools and spas. Proudly having local knowledge. Located in Sydney and inspecting  many diverse types of pools,barriers and scenario’s. Currently servicing Southern Sydney and Wollongong areas. We totally are committed to providing the best and most reliable Pool Certifier Service available.

Better Reports

Our reports contain detailed compliance requirements. Firstly including photo’s and diagrams for a easy interpretation. Secondly we offer a superior and more timely service than Local Councils. Thirdly we have better advice, faster compliance and more detailed reports with photos to aid the explanation of complex issues.  Also our service is at more convenient times for your inspection. Our Client’s don’t get stuck waiting. Wasting their valuable time.

Experienced Certifiers

Experienced Private Pool Certifiers. Operating since the start of Pool Compliance. In April 2016 when the new requirements to Lease or Sell a property started. Therefore we can have provided a responsive and a professional service. Assisting in getting the best results. Being up to date on all the latest regulations. Because specialise in Pool Compliance. Importantly advice is available at all times for tradesmen and the like. Therefore a more prompt, reliable, detailed, professional inspections and explanations.

Up to date

Dedicated to providing a quality service to achieve safer pools and spas in Sydney and Wollongong. Also Our 35+ years of experience in the building Industry  makes us able understand the complex issues associated with pool and spa barrier legislation in NSW. Allowing us to always be update with the latest changes.  As Private Pool Certifiers we are constantly reviewing Building Professional Board and Swimming pool and Spa association (SPASA ) for the latest changes or clarifications the relevant acts.