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Under the ‘Building Professional Act 2005. Private Certified assessors may conduct swimming pool inspections, initiated by the pool Owner. You are not required to book with your local Council.

Lifeguard Pool Certifying can be booked conveniently at a time and date you require. Lifeguard Pool Certifying are Certified private compliance assessors in Sydney and Wollongong.  No wasted time. Friendly and informed advice. Offering easy to understand reports with photographic  descriptions. Clear and concise quotes from Australian Standards.

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Take the worry out of Pool Compliance.

What to expect from us

  • Accredited Pool Inspectors
  • An agreement outlining the work we will do on your behalf
  • Comprehensive inspection of swimming pool or spa barriers, the surrounding environments and all relevant situational considerations
  • Issue of Compliance Certificate or if requested a Non-Compliance Certificate
  • Full reporting on compliance or non-compliance of Pool Inspections
  • Notification of outcome to local council
  • Agreed re-inspection dates if required
  • Fast and efficient inspection
  • Honest and reliable appraisal
Professional & Reliable Service
  • Up to date insurance provided by Lloyds
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Compliance with AS1926, Swimming Pool Safety
  • Online Booking form
  • Non-compliance fully explained with diagrams and itemising of the controlling regulation
  • Real online reviews
  • Readily Available Professional advice
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