Pool Gate Safety Compliance Tips


Pool Gate Safety Compliance Tips

1. For pool gate safety compliance ,gates shall be hung, so that they only open outwards, ie. away from pool area
2. Gates shall be located so that the arc of operation is clear of any building or doorway.
3. Gates shall have sufficient clearance to swing freely through the arc of operation
4. The opening under a closed gate shall not exceed 100mm at any point
5. Gates should self close from all positions including held against latch
6. The height of the gate latch should be a minimum of 1500mm from finished ground level.

Lifeguard Pool Certifying recommends if a  gate does not shut and lock automatically, the pool gate should be permanently fastened until a new lock and closing device can be installed. Self-closing and self-latching devices can be purchased from most pool and hardware shops and can be easily installed.

Gate maintenance

As part of Pool Gate Safety Compliance. All fence bolts, screws and fasteners must be tight and in good order. Any loose bolts, screws and fasteners should be tightened or replaced. Self-closing gate hinges, locks and latches should be sprayed with lubricating oil or silicone.

Manufacturers of the pool fence and gate should provide written instructions on how to maintain your pool fence and gate. This may include the regular replacement of springs and regular spraying of self-closing gate hinges, locks and latches with lubricating oil or silicone. Proper maintenance can help to prevent many of the faults relating to self-closing and self-latching gates.