Swimming Pool Safety Information

Swimming Pool Safety in NSW

In Swimming Pool Safety, statistical evidence shows that the majority of drowning deaths in private swimming pools
involve children under five years of age. For this reason, the requirements established by this Standard. Achieving a barrier that will make it difficult for a young child to gain access to a pool area. Whether under, over or through the barrier.
It should be noted that the provisions of this Standard relate to barriers that are intended to be child resistant but not childproof.  Effectiveness of the barrier is very much dependent on its location, installation and maintenance.
The requirements are with the intention of leaving a high degree of flexibility to the consumer in the choice of barrier, aesthetics and cost.

We strongly encourage the early learn to swim programs. Advocates like Swimming Coach legend Laurie Lawrence and his website https://kidsalive.com.au/. is a great example.

Royal Lifesaving Australia’s website, also offers a number of helpful tips and safety devices. Readily available on there site royallifesaving.com.au to make the backyard pool a safer place.

Lifeguard Pool Certifying can consult you on your pool barrier design. For swimming pool safety compliance and the optium in performance and ascetics. Which can be a challenge on sloping and irregular sites.

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