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With summer now upon us, it’s a great time to check that your swimming pool is in a safe condition for your children and guests.


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Safely supervised Kids

Swimming and being around the water is a part of everyday life in Australia. But it does come with risks ! particularly for kids. Drowning is a major cause of accidental death for Australian kids and many of these deaths occur in backyard swimming pools. Lifeguard Pool Certifying has put together this list of tips to help ensure the safety of children around the water.


Please note that these are just general guidelines – they are no substitute for a professional inspection and safety assessment.

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  1. Fence Your Pool

In NSW, all pools must be completely surrounded by a Compliant Pool Barrier. With a minimum height of 1.2m and a gaps of 100mm or less at the bottom and/or between the panels. The fence should be kept clear of all climbable objects. Such as eskies, pool pumps, chairs and pot plants. Any gates should be closing and also be fitted with a child safety lock. Swimming pool gates must never be left propped or wedged open.

  1. Supervise Your Kids

Children should be under active adult supervision at all times. Toddlers should always be within arm’s reach. No one should ever be left to swim alone !  Make sure you take your little ones with you if you leave the pool area, even for a minute.

  1. Teach Your Kids to Swim

Kids should be taught to swim as soon as possible. Enrolling them in local swimming lessons.It has the dual benefit of teaching them valuable swimming skills, as well as all important water safety information. This goes for grown-ups as well – it’s never too late to learn!

  1. Learn How to Respond to Emergencies

Everyone in your home should know how to respond to an emergency by completing a resuscitation and/or first aid course. Keep your resuscitation skills updated annually. So you don’t get rusty. You could save a life ?

Have a new up to date Pool safety CPR sign, things have change with resuscitation in recent years. You can pick them up at the local pool shop.

  1. Be Safe Around the Pool

Establish and enforce important rules, like ‘walk, don’t run’, ‘no diving’, and ‘no pushing others into the pool’. Designs for your pool area, also should incorporate non-slip materials, for any decking and diving boards or ladders.

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Lifeguard Pool Certifying  are NSW Swimming Pool Certifying specialists and can assist in getting your pool area to be compliant. Whether its just to be ready for Summer of safe fun or your planning to Sell or Lease your property. Please click here for pool checklists or contact us for more information on any of our services. info@poolcertifying.com.au or call 0419 482 889

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