Do I need a Pool Barrier ?

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Do I need a Pool Barrier ?

“Does my Above Ground Pool or Swim Spa need a compliant barrier and gate?”

This question is often asked of Lifeguard Pool Certifying. The answer is…

Swimming  pools in NSW are required to have a compliant fence and gate. It must separate the residence from the pool area. This is to prevent access to the pool by young children.

“Can the sides or walls of the swimming pool/swimspa be used as a pool barrier?, in NSW ? ”

No .

In NSW above-ground pools or partial walls, of a inground pool shall not be considered an effective fence barrier.                                                                            NSW Swimming Pool Barrier requirements state, the pool fence can not be part of the structure of the pool. This is a NSW requirement. The pool is required to have a separate barrier. It must be a minimum of 1200mm above ground level with, a 900mm Non Climbable Zone (NCZ )

For a pool fence to be Compliant. It must have a 1200mm high separate non climbable fence. A compliant fence must be placed around a aboveground pool, Container pool or Swimspa.

It will be necessary to ensure piping, pumps, and filters to the pool are not within the pool barriers non- climbable zones (NCZ).

AS 1926.1-2012 States all climbable objects close to the fence, these need to be positioned outside of the 900mm Non-Climbable zones. Click here for a Pool Compliance Safety booklet

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Disclosure – Note the above is a general guide only. This information should not be viewed as a full and comprehensive list. Of all the pool safety regulations in NSW

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