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Pool Certification Tips                 

Pool Compliance Certificate Inspection
Infinity pool with Compliant Glass Pool Barrier       

Swimming Pool Certification Tips to do yourself to help achieve Swimming Pool Certification and Compliance.

1. Trees , Planters, furniture and shrubs

Make sure there are no items that could assist a small child climbing the pool fence within the Barriers NCZ’s.

2. The Pool Gate

Ensure your pool gate opens away from the pool area and closes automatically from all positions including held

3. The Latch

The Pool latch must be in good working order. The Latch must be adjusted so that it cant be pulled open. And must be a minimum height of 1500mm

4. Pool Safety CPR Sign

In case of an emergency the law requires that you have a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign displayed near your pool.

You can buy a CPR sign from your local pool shop, council or community organisations such as St John Ambulance, the Australian Red Cross or Royal Life Saving.

The sign must be in good condition and able to be read easily from 3 metres.

From 1 September 2019, new CPR signs come into effect. From this time, all new pools must use the updated signage.

Owners of existing pools aren’t required to update their signage unless the pool barrier is substantially altered or rebuilt.

5. The Fence

Ensure that pools are surrounded with a child-resistant safety barrier that separates the swimming pool(s) from any residential building and any place adjoining the property. The pool barrier must be in good condition, be 1200mm minimum in height with no gaps greater than 100mm

Check this handy pool safety booklet for more advice and tips   https://poolcertifying.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/pool-safety-booklet.pdf

You can book a Certifier online http://www.poolcertifying.com.au or Call Jeff for advice on 0419 482 889

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